Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eliot Bernstein - Iviewit Technologies Reporting Stephen Lamont to the New York Attorney General

on the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case

To Steven Michael Cohen
Counselor and Chief of Staff
New York Attorney General

Dated: June 18th, 2009

Re: First Department Obstruction of Justice

Letter to Steven M. Cohen, NYAG
From Eliot I. Bernstein Founder and Inventor
I~view~it Technologies, INC
I~view~it Holdings,Inc

This Letter is About Obstruction of Justice, Conflicts of Interest and More.. This Letter to the NYAG also includes information on Eliot Bernstein, Founder and One of the Inventors of the Iviewit Technologies Inc. - Complaining to the NYAG that Stephen Lamont has been requested to cease making representations of behalf of Iviewit and its Share Holders... Read FULL Document Below - and Decide the Truth for Yourself.

Click Here for Document

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More on the Iviewit Stolen Patent at

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